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X5. GRANDPARENTS                     

246. JOHN BENNET was born 26th June 1757 at Kilconquhar. He married Catherine Hutcheson on the 23rd November 1781 at Collinsburgh and Largoward, Fife. He is recorded as a fensar on Jean Bennet’s birth certificate. I've been unable to find out about that profession. 

247. CATHERINE HUTCHESON  was born in 1760  at Largo, Fife. 
Mary Bennet b.  6/10/1782
Elisabeth  Bennet b.11/4/1784
William  Bennet b.27/1/1788
Margaret  Bennet b.14/11/1789
John  Bennet b.14/8/1791
Catherine Bennet b. 23/3/1793
Archibald  Bennet b. 1/12/1794
Euphan  Bennet b. 29/12/1795

  123. Jean  Bennet     b.17/12/1797
Christian  Bennet b.16/3/1800


492. JOHN BENNET C1730 was married to Margaret Ballingall on 14th August 1752 at Kilconquhar. 

493. MARGARET BALLINGALL  born at Ellie on 28th May 1717.

Mary Bennet b.  28/7/1753
Anne Bennet b.28/7/1753
William  Bennet b.29/6/1755
118. John  Bennet b.26/6/1757           all born at Kilconquhar

 Kilconquhar, pronounced Kinucker

  The view unchanged

 The Parish Church

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