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26. JOHN DUNN born at Abbotshall Kirkcaldy on 10th March 1848. At the age of 14 he was an apprentice coach wright in KIrkcaldy.  He married Mary Mack at the Free Church Dunfermline on 17th August 1868. They first stayed at 58 New Row Dunfermline.  He worked for George Kay & Sons who had set up a coach building business at the New Row Dunfermline in 1881.  The company moved  up the steep hill to Inglis street and John and family moved to 15 Inglis Street across the road from his work.  By the 1921 census he had moved  to 27 Inglis Street. He was then retired  as a coach wheelmaker and receiving a pension. Son James stayed with him. He is remembered by his grandson John as a dog lover having the first Irish Setter in the town. He died aged 78 on the 30th May 1924 of a tumour of the intestine at the West Fife Hospital Dunfermline. His son William registered the death.

27. MARY MACK was born at Carnock Fife on the 5th April 1846. She was a Domestic Servant , first working for James Addison , a joiner, and family , at 7 Dunfermline Road Carnock.  She then  worked for a family in Dunfermline High Street. Grandson John remembers her big black cat sitting in the middle of the road  waiting for the fishman to come so she could swipe a piece off the cart.  Mary died on the 12th November 1918 of a cerebral haemorage at Inglis Street Dunfermline. Son John registered the death.

John Dunn b. 1870    

 13.  Jane (Jeanie) Dunn  b. 1873-1936
Kate Dunn b. 1875
James Dunn b. 1877
Mary Dunn  b. 1879
David Dunn b. 1881
Helen Dunn b. 1884
George Dunn b. 188
William Dunn b. 1890

John Dunn was a chimney can maker and first married Ann Kinnear on 19th December 1902. She lived in Charlestown. His second wife was Helen Easton. John died aged 80 at Warrington House Limekilns on 26th October 1960 of heart failure and senile decay.

 Mary Dunn married John Beattie a coal miner from Donibristle  at Viewfield Place   Dunfermline on 19th July 1901 They  had a daughter Mary Dunn Beattie.

 Helen Dunn married Edward Watson, a joiner, in 1908.

William Dunn a coal miner, married Jean Dobbie, a yarn dresser on 28th June 1918. They were married at her home at Woodmill Street Dunfermline by Andrew Hutchison, minister of St Andrews Parish Church. After they married they stayed at Swallowdrum Road Milesmark.  

mary mack

 John Dunn

John Dunn

 A garden now stands where the Macks stayed  at the New Row Dunfermline.



52. JOHN DUNN was born in 1808 at Leslie Fife. He was a flax spinner. He married Jane McEwan at Abbotshall Kirkcaldy.They stayed at Nicol Street Newtown Abbothall . He died of an epileptic fit aged 64 on the 7th August 1871. His son David registered the death.

53. JANE McEWAN  born 1809 at Abbotshall Kirkcaldy. There's no record found for the birth. She died 13th September 1891 aged 76 of a heart attack and old age at 4 Hendry Wynd Abbotshall. Son-in-law George Thompson registered the death. 

Christina Dunn b. 27/5/1832
Margaret Dunn b. 22/4/1834
George Dunn b. 4/5/1836
Helen Dunn b. 12/3/1839
William Dunn b 8/5/1844                         
 26. John Dunn  b. 10/3/1848- 1924
Agnes Dunn b. 12/3/1850
David Dunn b. 1/6/1853

The children were all registered on the same date in the Abbotshall Register for Births and Baptisms 1855. 

Margaret Dunn married George Thompson, a sailor. They were staying at 24 Nicol Street Abbothall when George registered the death of John Dunn.  They had at least 1 son, David Thompson.

jane mcewan

 Braehead Street Leslie 


104. GEORGE DUNN  born 2nd July 1786 at Leslie,  married Margaret  Anderson on the 12th April 1807. They had a son 52. John Dunn. By the census of 1841 he was staying with James and Margaret Kidd, both aged 20  and their daughter, year old  Ann at Weavers Row Dysart. his occupation is recorded as a Flax Dresser. He died on March 13th 1849 aged 63. He is buried in 1 grave north of T.A. property 4 foot deep. 

105. MARGARET ANDERSON  was born at Leslie on 25th September 1783 and baptised by Rev. George Willis on the following sunday. 

Leslie High Street around 1900

margaret anderson


208. JOHN DUN C1740 married Margaret Aitkin and stayed at Leslie Fife. He was a flax dresser. 

209. MARGARET AITKIN  C1740  No details known about her

CHILDREN all born at Leslie

IIsoble Dun b. 7/1/1772

Peter Dun b. 11/1/1774
104. George Dun b .2/7/ 1786

William Dun b. 17/2/1778
Jean Dun B. 12/5/1788

Katharine Dun b. 9/4/1790

Nelly 31/8/1794


Hackling Flax ready for spinning 

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