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Elison Morres

X6. GRANDPARENTS                          
 510. GEORGE HEGGIE  was born at Auchtertool on 4/6/1724. His baptism was witnessed by John Kilgour and Thomas Bayn. He   married  Elison at Auchtertool on 1st August 1756 . 

511. ELISON MORRES b. 21/9/1732 at Beath. 

Children all born at Auchtertool

David Heggie b. 21/11/1756
Elisabeth Heggie b. 6/4/1760
 255. Katherine Heggie   b. 24/4/1766
George Heggie b. 24/4/1766

 The Hill of Beath 

X7. GRANDPARENTS                          
 1020. DAVID HEGIE was born at Abbotshall on 6/6/1703.   He married Katherine on 22/2/1722 at Auchtertool.


Children all born at Auchtertool

 Janet Heggie b. 11/11/1722
510. George Heggie b. 4/6/1724

Rachel Heggie b. 13/12/1730
Caitherine Heggie b. 3/3/1734

main street auchtertool.jpg

Main Street Auchtertool 

X8. GRANDPARENTS                          
 2040. JAMES HEGIE  was born at Abbotshall Kirkcaldy on 29/8/1675.   He Married Helen at Abbotshall on  2/12/1669

2041. ELISABETH LAMB. C 1680

Children all born at Abbotshall 

 James Hegie b. 13/10/1695

Robert Hegie b. 15/5/1698

John Hegie b. 23/6/1700

1050. David Hegie b. 6/6/1703

Andrew Hegie b. 13/6/1708

auchtertool church.jpg

Auchtertool Parish Church

X9. GRANDPARENTS                          
 4080. THOMAS HEGIE  was born at  Kirkcaldy on 28/3/1645. He Married Helen at Abbotshall on 2/12/1669  

4081.HELLEN BLAQUITOR. C 1640 Her surname is recorded in the registers of births for the children as  Bleaketer, Bleakuitor, Bleakquiter and Blaiketer. Blaquitor is used on the marriage record. 

Children all born at Abbotshall 

 Henrey Hegie b. 18/9/1670

 John Hegie b. 16/2/1673

 2040. James Hegie b. 29/8/1675

 Margerat Hegie b.19/5/1678

 Norman Hegie b. 28/3/1680

Janet Hegie b. 15/10/1682

Andrew Hegie b. 12/4/1685

Auchtertool Kirkcaldy Fife Scotland.JPG

Auchtertool from the North

X10. GRANDPARENTS                          
 8160. HENRIE HEGIE  C 1625



Children  born at Kirkcaldy

4080. Thomas Hegie b. 28/3/1645

Anna  Hegie b. 19/9/1647


Kirkcaldy old and new

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