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38. PETER HIGHAM was born in 1831 at Westhoughton.   Aged 20 he was working as a Carter and by the 1861 census he was married to Martha and employed as  a grocer shop worker and living at  Hart Common Westhoughton. By the 1871 census he was employed as a Railway Labourer. His death is likely to have been in 1874.

Hart Common was once one of the most rural and least populated hamlets which made up the township of Westhoughton. 

Children all born at Westhoughton

 Joseph Higham b. 1857 working as a cotton operator aged 13.  .

Richard Higham b. 1859

Elizabeth Higham b. 1861

Mary Higham b. 1864

39. MARTHA born in 1829 at Westhoughton was a widow by 1881 and staying at 182 Hindley Road, Westhoughton  with Mary.

hart common.PNG

The new Railway lines cutting through Westhoughton 

16711582409_93d8d42edd_bminers rw westho

These are the houses built at Hart Common for the incomming mine workers 


76. RICHARD HIGHAM was born in 1802 at Westhoughton. In the 1841 and 1851 census he is recorded as staying with his mother working as a farm servant at Hart Common Westhoughton. By the following census he is a farmer of 12 3/4 acres of Baldwins Farm. The other half of the farm owned by Mary is mother is likely to have been given to a brother. 


38. Peter Higham b. 1831

Ann  Higham b. 1836 a nurse in 1851

Mary Higham  b. 1838 a nurse in 1851

Elizabeth Higham b. 1840

Joseph Higham b. 1842

Richard Higham b. 1844

William Higham b. 1850


77. ELLEN was born in  1808 at Westhoughton 

hart common and baldwind farm.PNG

Baldwins Farm and Old Fold Farm surrounded by railway lines. 


152. JOSEPH HIGHAM was born in 1770 at Westhoughton Lancashire and married Mary on 13th December 1795. He died some time before 1841. He was a farmer at Baldwins farm West Houghton. 

153. MARY HOLDEN was born on 16th May  1767 at Westhoughton. to Joseph and Mary Holden. The census report of 1851 show her widowed and a farmer of 30 acres staying at Baldwins Houghton West with her son and his family. It also shows a grand daughter Elizabeth born 1825 and her son Richard born 1849 staying with them. Elizabeth was working as a Silk Handloom Weaver at the time. She died sometime between 1851 and 1861.  


Samuel Higham b. 1796

Ann Higham b. 1797

Margaret  Higham b. 1799

Mary Higham b. 1799

76. Richard Higham  b. 1801

Rebecca Higham  b. 1803

Richard Higham b. 1804

James Higham b. 1806

Noah Higham b. 1810

Betty Higham b. 1813

old fold farm.PNG

There's still a  farm up the Old Fold Lane.  

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