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466. THOMAS JAMESON  was born on 18/4/1742 at   Leuchars. His maternal  uncles, John and James Dunn were witnesses.  The family were residing at the village of Flass at  Forgan, north of Leuchars, when Elspit was born.


467. CHRISTIAN ANDERSONE C1740 No details known about her.

233. Elspit Jamisone  5/2/1764  
Robert Jamisone 8/4/1770

 Forgan Parish countryside



932. THOMAS JAMESON  was born on 5/11/1707 at Nydie,  near St Andrews. He married Agnes on 30th December 1731 in the parish of Cameron, a parish just south of St Andrews. They were residing at Nydie  when they married, then moved to Leuchars before  Thomas was born.  

933. AGNES DUN C1710 No details known about her.

John Jameson b. 24/7/1732 at Nydie
Joseph Jameson 29/9/1734 at Nydie 

466. Thomas Jameson b. 18/4/1742 at Leuchars

Andrew Jameson b. 9/3/1745 at Leuchars


Cameron  Parish Map

 Thomas and Agnes  marriage record  in the parish of Cameron dated December 9th 1731 reads as follows.....

       Thomas Jamison and  Agnes Din both of this Parish were contracted in order to marriage. They being guilty of fornication gave six pounds scots their pawns to the poor and were married December 30th. 

        A Pawn is a sum of money deposited with the Kirk Session by a prospective bride and bridegroom as a guarantee of their intention to marry within forty days and an earnest of their chaste conduct in the interval.



1864. ANDREW JAMESON  was born at Kingsbarns on 16/10/1681. Alex and Robert Jamesone were witnesses.  He married Margaret on 3/6/1703 in the parish of St Andrews and St Leonards at Kingsbarns.  The family were residing at Nydie when the family were born.


1865. MARGARET DAES  was born at Montrose on 27/12/1681. The witnesses were John Milne and James Scott, a Seaman.  . She is recorded as Dease and Deas on the marriage record and some of the childrens birth record.  Her father was Henry Daes, a Mariner from Montrose and her mother was Margaret Bell.  

Children all born at Nydie 
Marion Jameson b. 23/1/1704

Isabell Jameson b. 5/4/1706

932. Thomas Jameson b. 5/11/1707

David Jameson b. 2/10/179

Helen Jameson b. 16/9/1711

old view.jpg

St Andrews




3728. DAVID JAMESON  C 1660 . Residing at Kingsbarns when Andrew  married. 

3729. Nothing is known about her. 

Children registered at Kingsbarns

1864. Andrew Jameson b. 16/10/1681

James Jameson  b. 19/2/1687

Euphan Jameson b. 24/2/1689

St Andrews from the south , near Kingsbarns

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