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491542. Sir ROBERT KEITH was born at Dunnottar Castle Stonehaven Kincardenshire in 1415. He married Janet Seton in 1437 at Seton East Lothian. They had a daughter     245771. Janet Keith . He died on 22nd September 1446 at Dunnotter Castle. 

491543. JANET SETON was born at Seton East Lothian in 1420 to Sir John de Seaton Of Seton & Tranent -1370 to 1434, and Lady Katherine Sinclair / St. Clair Of Herdmanston -1375 to1450. Janet  died at Caerlaverock Dumfriesshire in 1493.


983084. WILLIAM KEITH was born around  1380 at Dunnottar Castle, Stonehaven, Kincardineshire. He married Marjorie sometime after 26th Apr 1414 at Dunottar, Kincardineshire. There was a papal dispensation on 26 April 1414. William succeeded his father between 2 July 1430 and 20 May 1431. Between 1446 and July 1451 he was made a Lord of Parliament as Lord Keith. He was one of the guarantors of a treaty of peace with the English in 1457, and on 6 August of that year he witnesses the confirmation of a treaty by King James II as Lord Keith. Later he was raised a step in the Peerage, as in a royal charter dated 7 October of the following year (1458), he is designed ‘dilectus consanguineus noster’ Earl of Marischal and Lord Keith.
He died sometime before 16th Mar 1464 at Dunnottar Castle, Stonehaven, Kincardineshire.


983085. MARJORIE FRASER was born about  1400 at Lovat, Inverness-Shire to Laird Alexander Fraser 2nd Of Lovat & Kinnell , born 1363- to 1416, and Elizabeth Keith , who died in 1414.

Marjorie died before  Aug 1442 at Dunottar, Kincardineshire.
The identification of Earl William's wife is not certain. She may have been either Marjorie Fraser, dau of Alexander Fraser of Kinnell and Lovat, or Mary Hamilton, dau of Sir James Hamilton of Cadzow.

Children with Marjorie  
Janet Keith
491542.Sir Robert KEITH Of Keith (abt 1415 - 1446)
John KEITH  (abt 1418 - )
Alexander KEITH (abt 1420 - )
Mary Keith

children with Mary 
Egidia Keith
Margaret Keith
Catherine Keith
William Keith 2nd Marischal (abt 1416 - abt 1483)
Cadzow Keith
Thomas Keith
John Keith
Agnes Keith
James Keith
David Keith

 The Rugged coastline around the Castle

 Picturesque view of Dunnottar Castle today. 

 The Beauly Firth & Aird of Lovat, the clan’s heartland – Castle Dounie was also called Beaufort Castle

                                                        15th Century & Clan Conflict

The Clan Keith were often at feud with the neighbouring Clan Irvine. Both clans invaded each others’ lands. In 1402 the Clan Irvine are said to have attacked and defeated an invading war party of the Clan Keith in what was known as the Battle of Drumoak.


1966168. Lord ROBERT De KEITH Marischal  was born at Dunnottar, Kincardinshire in 1356. He was invested as a Knight between 1383 and 1390 and the office of Marshal of Scotland before 12 March 1406/7, He succeeded his grandfather as Grand Marischal. He married Matilda Urquhart  in 1379 at St Andrews Diocese,Fife. He was one of the commissioners to treat for the liberation of King James I in 1423-23, and was a hostage for his ransom on 28 March 1424, his estate being at this time valued at 800 merks. On 16 June 1425, he was handed over to Sir John Langton, Warden of the Castle of York, but on the same day leave was given him to return to Scotland until the following Martinmas. He died on July 20 1430 at Dunnottar, Kincardineshire.

1966169. MATILDA URQUHART was born around 1360 at Troup, Banffshire to William  Urquhart, High Sheriff of Cromarty and  Lilias de Ross. She was  the Heiress of Troup. She died in 1442

Robert Keith Circa 1376
983084. Earl William Keith 1st Marischal & Lord Keith
John, who, on 2 June 1413, got from his father a charter to the barony of Troup...
Alexander, mentioned in his brother’s charter of Troup, 2 June 1413.
Margaret, married to Hugh Arbuthnott of Arbuthnott. She died in 1419.
Elizabeth, married to Alexander Irvine of Drum. She died in 1400.
Christian, married to Thomas Monypenny
Marion, described as daughter of Sir Robert Keith, Knight, of St. Andrews diocese, in a commission for a dispensation of her marriage with Alexander de Fraser, of Moray diocese, dated April 1414. This was probably Alexander Fraser of Kinnell and Lovat.

 Numerous buildings making up the Castle. 

Troup Ness and Castle Point. 


3932336. Sir WILLIAM De KEITH Of Dunotter was Great Marischal Of Scotland, Lord of the barony of Alden and Sheriff of Kincardineshire. He was born in 1315 at Humbie In 1333 at the Battle of Halidon Hill William, fighting under Sir Archibald Douglas was taken prisoner there. He married  Margaret Fraser sometime before May 3 1351 at Dunnotar. He was one of the commissioners to treat for the redemption of King David II in 1357, and was sent to England in 1358 on the King’s affairs, when he had a safe-conduct for himself and sixty horseman in his retinue. In 1358 he witnessed a charter of David II.
He was present at the coronation of Robert II at Scone in 1371, and in 1373 he was one of the signatories to the second act of Settlement by that King.

In the reign of Robert III, on 8 March 1392, he and Margaret Fraser, his wife, made an excambion of the lands of Pittendreich  and those of Uchterutherstruther (now Crawford Priory) and Wester Markinch in Fife for the barony and castle of Dunottar in Kincardineshire, then belonging to Sir William Lindsay of the Byres, the latter reserving an annual payment of £8 from Dunottar. William must have acquired the castle and lands of Dunotter, thenceforward the principal family seat, at or shortly before the date of his marriage. It formerly belonged to William, fifth Earl of Sutherland, who, on 30 March 1346, had a charter from King David II of the Crag of Dunottar.

On 14 June 1395, a papal bull was issued by Pope benedict XIII removing the excommunication passed by the Bishop of St. Andrews against Sir William Keith, Great Marischal of Scotland, for encroaching on consecrated ground by building a tower upon the Rock of Dunotter, which had be previously occupied by the parish church. [See notes for William de Seton who died in 1293.

On 14 June 1395, a papal bull was issued by Pope benedict XIII removing the excommunication passed by the Bishop of St. Andrews against Sir William Keith, Great Marischal of Scotland, for encroaching on consecrated ground by building a tower upon the Rock of Dunotter, which had be previously occupied by the parish church.
In 1401 he got from Robert III, a charter of Tailzie of the office of Marischal, barony of Keith, Barony of Aden, forest of Kintore, and other lands. 

Sir William was still alive on 2 May 1407, when he granted a charter of the lands of Aboyne and died a short time after at Dunottar Castle, Stonehaven, Kincardenshire. 

3932336. MARGARET FRASER Of Touch recorded also as Margaretha was born in 1335 at Touchfraser Stirling, to Sir John Fraser Of Touchfraser. She was his heiress and when she married William and  brought to him a large part of her grandfather Sir Alexander Fraser, High Chamberlain of Scotland's   estates, including Touch Fraser, Cluny, Aboyne, Glenmuick and Glentanar when they married. She died in 1410 at Castle Dunnottar, Stonehaven, Kincardineshire.  
Her grandfather Sir Alexander Fraser's wife was Mary, sister of King Robert the Bruce. 

John Keith,, He took his father's official post at the battle of Otterburn, and after the fall of James of Douglas, recovered the battle taking Ralph Percy prisoner. He married Jean, youngest daughter of King Robert II by Elizabeth Mure  and had a son Robert, the hero of Winton's "Fecht at Bourtie". John and his son both died before the Marischal. 
1966168. Robert Keith, Marischal of Scotland  
Sir Alexander Keith of Grandowme, believed to have been the commander of horse at the Battle of Harlaw 
Muriella Keith, was the second wife of Robert, duke of Albany, regent of Scotland, by whom she was mother of John, earl of Buchan, constable of France..
Janet Keith, married to Philip de Arbuthnott.
Margaret Keith, married to Sir James de Lindsay of Crawford...
Elizabeth Keith, married, first, to Sir Adam Gordon of Huntly ...
Christian Keith, had dispensation to marry John, son of John Hay ..


7864672. Great Marischal EDWARD KEITH Of Synton  was born in about 1273 at Humbie, East Lothian. Sir Edward succeeded his brother Sir Robert upon the latter’s death at the battle Durham in October 1346. 
In the year 1328 he held the office of Sheriff of Selkirk. In an inquisition held at Aberdeen, dated 1341, before Robert de Keith, Great Marischal of Scotland, his name appears as one of the jurors.

He was  VIII Lord Marischal of Scotland. He had 2 wives,  Isabella de Synton, Heiress of Sinton and Christian Menteith.  He married Isabella in July 1305 at Sinton, Selkirshire. 
In 1328 he received a charter to the lands of Kelly from King Robert the Bruce, witnessed by his brother Robert II Keith, Marischal of Scotland.   He inherited the hereditary sheriffdom of Selkirk through his first wife, Isabella de Synton. 
He died sometime before 1351 at Synton, Selkirkshire. 

7864673. ISABELLA De SYNTON, Heiress of Sinton is also recorded as Isobel of Sinton. She was born at   Synton, Selkirkshire in  1285 to  Alexander de Synton and Janet Gifford. She died at  Dunottar, Kincardineshire in 1329. 

children to Isabella de Synton
 3932336. William de Keith, Knight
Catherine de Keith
John de Keith of Inverugie

children to Christian Menteith
Janet Keith of Syntoun

 The interior courtyard of Dunnottar Castle 

 Touch House  Stirling - a Georgian house incorporating an older wing to the right.  

 Lovat Fraser clan badge & motto – Je suis Prest – I Am Ready

Edward de Keith


15729344. Sir WILLIAM De KEITH of Humbie, Knight was born in 1236 at  Humbie, East Lothian. He was the V Great Marischal of Scotland. He married Barbara Seton in 1261. He died at Humbie, East Lothian in 1293. 


15729345. BARBARA SETON of Winton was born in 1236 at Seton, East Lothian to Adam de Seton and Janet Gifford, of Yester. She died at  Humbie, East Lothian in 1285. 

Sir Robert de Keith Of Keith; Marischal(abt 1270 - 17 Oct 1346)
Master Richard de Keith(abt 1271 - bef 1293)
7864672.  Edward Keith Of Synton (abt 1273 - bef 1351)
Rector Phillip de Keith Of Biggar(abt 1274 - 

The latest Keith family house at Humbie


31458688. JOHN KEITH, Marischal of Scotland was born at   Humbie, East Lothian in 1212. Sir John in 1250 was in possession of both the lands and office of Marischal. Between the years 1198 and 1234 his name appears as witness to a grant to the Hospital of Soltre. He confirmed to the monks of Kelso the grants of his predecessors, with the addition of some lands within the manor of Keith, and about the year 1250 he confirmed to the Hospital of Soltre some lands in the district of Johnston, near Keith.He joined Robert Bruce in battle. He died in 1270. 

31458689. MARGARET COMYN was born in 1215 at  Aberdeenshire to William Comyn Earl of Buchan, and Marjory Buchan, Heiress of Buchan. She died in 1274.

15729344.William de Keith of Humbie, Knight
Adam Keith mentioned, between 1296 and 1324, as rector of the church of Keith-Marischal.
Robert de Keith of Galston, ancestor of the Keiths of Galston in Ayshire. He had a son, Sir William Keith of Galston, who repulsed the English at Berwick in 1318. He accompanied Sir James Douglas in his expedition to Palestine in 1330 with the heart of King Robert the Bruce, which he (Sir William) brought back to Scotland from Spain, and which was buried at Melrose in 1331. 

It may have been another son of Sir John de Keth who married Joanna, eldest daughter of William of Galbrathe (son of Sir William Galbrathe by a daughter of Sir John Cumyn of Badenoch). She was heiress of Dalserf, and died in 1301. They had issue Bernard de Cathe or Keth (a Sir Bernard de Keth appears in 1307, attached to the English interest).

 Landscape of Humbie by 
John Hamilton Glass

 The ruined chapel at Humbie dated 1200. 


62917376. HERVEY De KEITH Fourth Laird of Keith was born in 1187 at Humbie, East Lothian. About the year 1230 he confirmed to the monks of Kelso the church of Keith with its pertinents, as granted by Symon Fraser, and this he renewed in similar terms about 1236, when the two deeds were ratified by Alexander II. He witnessed a donation to the monastery of Coldingham in 1222, and between 1214 and 1218 he witnessed another to the monastery of Arbroath. He married Margaret about 1221 at Keith, East Lothian. 

He died in 1249 at Humbie, East Lothian.

31458688. John Keith, Marischal of Scotland
Richard de Keith (born of Symington)

62917377. MARGARET DOUGLAS was born in 1177 at Crawford Douglas, Ayrshire to William Douglas of Douglas and  Margaret Kersdale de Moray.
She died in 1260 at Humbie, East Lothian.

 Tironensian monks at Kelso Abbey


125834752. PHILIP De KEITH, Lord of Keith and Earl Marischal of Scotland, was born in 1161 at Humbie, East Lothian. He married Eda Lorens in 1186 at Humbie. She was daughter and heiress of Hugh Lorens, who had inherited through her mother, Eda, daughter and heiress of Symon Fraser, the south-east portion of the lands of Keith, called Keith-Symon or Keith Hundeby. The whole manor of Keith thus became united in her husband’s family.
Philip de Keth succeeded as heir to his grandfather, Hervy, and as ‘Marischal’ witnessed a charter of William the Lion to the monks of Arbroath between 1189 and 1199, and a number of other charters by that King up to the last year of his reign.
He died at   Humbie, East Lothian in 1225

62917376.Hervey de Keith
Roger de Keith

 125834753. EDA  LORENS was born in 1166 at Humbie, East Lothian to Hugh de Lorens and Eda de Fraser.  She died in 1187 at   Humbie, East Lothian the year after her marriage. She is likely to have died in childbirth. 

 Humbie East Lothian


251669404. MALCOLM De KEITH was born around 1135 in Humbie, East Lothian. He married Margaret in 1160 at Humbie.  Malcolm, who, in 1178 witnessed a grant to the monks of Arbroath, where he is designed the ‘son of Herveus,’ and as ‘Malcolmus de Keth’ he witnessed in 1185 a charter to the monks of Kelso, several others about 1190, another between 1190 and 1203, and another about 1220.He died at Humbie in 1220. 

251669405. Margaret maiden name unknown

125834752. Philip De Keith, Lord of Keith
David Keith

The Humbie Water

Arbroath Abbey

The history of Arbroath Abbey dates back to the year 1178 when King William I founded the monastery. As well as expanding his control through Scotland he wanted to honour the memory of his childhood friend Saint Thomas Becket who was murdered on 29 December 1170 in Canterbury Cathedral in England.


503338808. HERVEUS The Young De KEITH is also recorded as  Hervey\ Herbert /De Keth/, Hervey /De Keth / First Laird of Keith. He was born in  1109 in  Humbie, East Lothian. He married the heiress of Marbhachair in 1134 at Humbie, East Lothian and had a son 251669404. Malcolm .  He died around 1196.

 Waterfall on Humbie Water

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