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62. DAVID LAING was born at Carnbee, Fife on 10th July 1808. He was a railway carter. He married Betsie Davidson on 17th November 1837 at Auchtertool. By 1841 they were staying at Pitcairn Mill in the parish of Auchterdern. By the census of 1851 and 1861 they were staying at High Street Kirkcaldy.

 63. BETSIE DAVIDSON was born at Auchtertool in 1810. She died at Heggies  Wynd Links Abbotshall, Kirkcaldy on 26th January 1884 of bronchitis. Son Thomas registered the death. He stayed at 159 Links Street Abbotshall. 


  31. Elizabeth Laing  b. 1840  Auchertdern        
David Laing b. 1842 Auchterdern 
Ann Laing b. 1843    Kinghorn                           
Thomas Laing b. 1851 Kirkcaldy
Johanna Laing b. 1853  Kirkcaldy                       
Margaret Laing b. 1855 Kinghorn

 A view to Auchtertool

Betsie Davidson


124. DAVID LAING was born 15th April 1780 at Carnbee and  married ANNE SMALL on 20th December 1800. He was an agricultural Labourer and then a Colliery worker.  In 1841 they stayed at Arncroach.  He was working at the Balcormo Pit later known as Kellie Castle Colliery Carnbee when he was killed by a falling piece of coal  on the 23rd November 1847.  
125. ANNE SMALL  was born in 1775 at Kilrenny Fife. When she was widowed she was on the parish relief register.  She died a pauper at Carnbee in the village of Arncruach aged 87 on 20th December 1862 of senile decay. Her son George registered the death. 

John Laing b. 21.6.1803 Carnbee      
Thomas Laing b. 15.9.1805 Carnbee
62. David Laing b. 10.7.1808 Carnbee     
Elizabeth Laing 21.6.1810 Carnbee
Isabel Laing b. 18.4.1813 Carnbee            
Robert Laing b. 20.10.1816 Pitenweem      
George Laing b.10.5.1821Pittenweem         
John Laing b. 8.5.1821 Carnbee

Son George was killed at the pit too. The event was recorded in the local paper.
Fatal Accident – On Saturday afternoon a deep and painful sensation was occasioned in this village by an accident of a fatal nature which then occurred at Kellie Colliery. The particulars of this melancholy occurrence are as follows:- George Laing, a miner, was ascending the shaft in a bucket, when for some unknown cause he appears to have fallen from the bucket to the bottom of the pit. The crash of the fall attracted the attention of the only other miner in the workings at the time, who on going to ascertain the cause, found the unfortunate man lying quite insensible amongst some debris, and bleeding profusely from the head which was smashed in a most fearful manner on the right side. Assistance was soon rendered from the top, but all human aid was unavailing, as he appears to have been killed instantaneously. Laing was of a quiet and inoffensive disposition, and much respected by all who knew him. He leaves a widow and six young children, and as they by this sad calamity have been deprived of their only stay and support, it is earnestly to be hoped that the benevolent will bestir themselves when help and sympathy are so urgently needed.
Fife Herald 18/2/1864 
The 1871 census shows his wife Isabella staying in a cottage 'North of Belliston Farm' with their 3 youngest children. She is employed as an outdoor worker. 

Anne Small

 Carnbee Church, and views of old Arncroach

Margaret Greig


248.  JOHN LAING was born at Carnbee on 7th December 1740. He married Margaret Greig at the parish of Carnbee on 26th November 1773.

249. MARGARET GREIG was born at St Andrews in Fife on 27th October 1751.
Children born at Carnbee
James Laing b. 1774
Ann Laing   b. 1775
John Laing b. 1778
124. David Laing b. 15/4/1780
Thomas Laing b. 16/11/1788

John married Anne Black 1775-1853 from Carnbee and had Children, Anne 1797, Barbara 1799, Margaret 17/5/1801, John 1803, Isobel 11/8/1805, Thomas 27/12/1807, David 16/9/1810, James 27/12/1812, Alexander 24/7/1814, William 10/12/1816, Hannah C1818, Andrew C1820. 

 Flat farm land around Carnbee and Arncroach


496. JOHN LAING was born 25.11. 1716 and married Agnes Laing at Carnbee on 7th December 1733 

497. ANNE LAING  born 13.9.171

Margaret 22/9/1734
Robert 27/6/1736
248. John 7/12/1740
Janet 8/4/1744
Agnes 13/3/1748

 Carnbee farming land

old map of Carnbee.PNG

Old 19th century map of Carnbee and surrounding parrishes. 

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