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margaret cuthell


54. JAMES MACK  was born at Leven in 1815. He married MARGARET CUTTHILL  in the Parish of Auchterdern on 15th May 1840. Sometime before 1855 they moved to  2 Carneil Road Carnock, paying a rent of £7.10s to Mr William Reid of Shires Mill. James was the village blacksmith.  He died on 24th January 1887 of bronchitis. His grandson John Terras registered the death.

 55. MARGARET CUTHELL (CUTHIL) was born in 1813 at Kinross. She died at Carnock on 13th January 1900 of senile decay. Her grandson-in-law, Edward Kellock registered the death.  
Anne Mack C. 1843

 27. Mary Mack   b. 1846
Janet Mack b. 1849
Margaret Mack b. 1852
James Mack b. 1851
Betsy Mack b. 1855

Anne Mack, a domestic servant, had an illegitimate daughter, Maggie in 1864. She was registered as Margaret White,  and stayed with her grandparents. Anne Married and stayed at 19 George Street, Leith. She died on 20th February 1914 of disease of the aortic valves and fatty degeneration of the heart. A son James registered the death. He stayed at 21 George Street, Leith.

Janet Mack, a domestic servant, had an illegitimate son John Terras Mack. Janet registered the birth herself. John stayed with the grandparents.

James Mack, a blacksmith, married Mary Cameron on 14th November 1873 at Carnock. They had a son , John, who was born on 13th January 1878.

Anne’s daughter, Maggie, married Edward Kellock, aged 37, at Carnock on 29th December 18

 Headstone of James Mack and family at the old ruined church's graveyard Carnock

 2 Carneil Road Carnock today.

anne wilkie


108. JAMES MACK was born on 10th March 1771 at Scoonie. He was a stonemason and married Anne Wilkie on 22nd October 1815 at Scoonie, near Leven, Fife.

109. ANNE WILKIE was born in 1774 at Leven.  By 1841 she was a widow and was staying at Inverkeithing with her 3 younger children. In 1851 she was receiving Parochial relief. Over the next few years she was renting various rooms in The High Street, Hope Street. Back Row and Queens Street paying around £1. 10s per year.  She was staying at Low Cruicks, Inverkeithing when she died on the 21st March 1866, of old age. 
54. James Mack b.1815
Robert Mack b.1821
Ann Mack b. 1819
John Mack b. 1823
Catherine Mack b. 1815

 Inverkeithing harbour


216.  JAMES MACK born at Letham on 21st March 1736 and married MARY CHALMERS at Weymss on 8th January 1762 .When son James was born and the family were staying at Scoonie, he was paid 14d by the parish for carrying a barrel of ale from Methill and 10d for carrying meal from Durie. 
217.  MARY CHALMERS was born at Pitmedden in the parish of Auchtermuchty on 9th February  1742. Her parents were Robert Chalmers and Jean Lumsden. 

Margaret Mack b. 1766
Christain Mack  b. 1768
108.  James Mack b. 1771
William Mack b. 1775



432.  JAMES MACK, spelled Mak on wedding register,  was born at Monimail Fife on 15th May 1692 to Thomas Mack and Margaret Balfoure.  He married Christian Smal on 30th December 1720 in the parish of Monimail. The marriage was witnessed by  Thomas Mak and William Small. They had a son James. He had a sister Jean born 30/3/1695. 

 433.  CHRISTIAN SMAL  was born around 1700.

Robert b. 3/9/1721

William b. 21/4/1723
Mitchell Mack b. 28/5/1725
John Mack  b. 30/4/1
Janet Mack b. 6/1/1729
Margaret Mack b. 22/1/1731
Ann Mack b. 11/6/1732

216. James Mack b. 21/3/1736


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