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18. JOHN MARSH was born in 1852 at Hindley Green in the district of Bolton. The 1881 census shows him  residing with the Holden family as a lodger  in Westhoughton with his brother Luke. He was working as a Railway Goods Clerk and a Coal Miner Hewer by the 1901 census.   He married Mary at St Bartholomew in Westhoughton in 1885. The following year they had daughter  9. Martha Ellen Marsh  ​. The family were living at 321 Church Street when she was born and her death was recorded at the same address in 1915.   

19. MARY HIGHAM was born in 1864 at Hindley , Lancashire. The 1901 census show the family staying at  73 Warish Lane, Westhoughton, Lancashire and Mary working as a cotton weaver. ,


Martha Marsh   b. 1886

Sarah Marsh  b. 1892
Robert Marsh b. 1897
Maggie Marsh b. 1895
Elizabeth Marsh  b. 1891

321 church street westhoughton.PNG

321 Church Street Westhoughton today. 

Mary Higham


36. LUKE MARSH was born in 1811 at Westhoughton and Christened on 9th November 1811. He married Martha at St Mary the Virgin Deane Parish Church Bolton on 31 Dec 1837 and had eight children. In 1851 census he is living at Chorley Road, Westhoughton working as a silk weaver. By the 1861 census he was staying at Wingates a small village part of Westhoughton. In 1871 he is a widow living in Wingates with his son John. Records show he died aged 95 in 1906. 


37. MARTHA KIRKMAN was the daughter of Michael Kirkman and born in 1817 at Westhoughton. As well as bearing 9 children the census reports show her working  as a silk weaver and a colliery worker too. 


Ann Marsh b. 1839

William Marsh b. 1840 d. 1915

Martha Marsh b. 1841

Margaret Marsh b. 1842

Elisabeth Marsh b. 1844

John Marsh b. 1846

18. John Marsh b. 1852

Ellen Marsh b. 1855

Luke Marsh  b. 1863

In the census report dated 1851 William aged 11 was a Coal Drawer at the pit and Margaret aged 9 was an Errand Girl. 

The Westhoughton cotton industry running down until the  art of Silk Weaving was introduced to the hand-loom weavers of Westhougton in the year 1826 In the 1840’s John Chadwick built a Silk Mill in the town.

Deane Parish Church Bolton 

Market Street Westhoughton


72. WILLIAM MARSH was born in  1787 . He was a weaver and  married Margaret at Deane Bolton Lancashire on 24th October 1809. By the 1841 census They were staying at Dpglane Upholland with son Thomas aged arouns 20 to 24 and Elizabeth Webster, probably his wife and 2 sons, Thomas, aged 3 and Richard aged 4 months. 


73. MARGARET BAMBER born 1788.


Luke  C. 1817                                                              


John b. 2/4/1814 d. 1/7/1819.                                                                                                                     John d. 1821                                                                                                                                       



Town Hall and Market Street Westhoughton

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