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106. WILLIAM McEWAN was born on 8th February 1771 at Burntisland, although recorded as aged 68 on the 1841 census.  He was a hand loom  weaver. Abottshall parish record show he married Christian Mathew on "24th May 1794 clandestinly at Edinburgh" and Christain, "her husband not pearing in the established church" is recorded married at Abotshall Kirkcaldy on 5th June 1796.   They stayed at Newtown Abbotshall Kirkcaldy after they married. He died at Abbotshall aged 77 on 13th August 1848. 
census 1841. 

107.  CHRISTIAN MATTHEW  C 1771. She is recorded as 70 on the 1841 census . 

CHILDREN all born at Abottshall

Helen McEwan b.  5/6/1795

William McEwan b. 7/4/1799

Andrew McEwan b. 8/12/1800

David McEwan b. 4/3/1803

James McEwan b/ 1/7/1805

  53. Jane McEwan . 

 There's not much left on Nicol Street Abbotshall Kirkcaldy today.


212.  ANDREW McEWAN  C1745 married Jean Bell. The family was residing at Burntisland  when William was born.

 213. JEAN BELL C1745  No details known about her.

Andrew McEwan b. 15/5/1765                      
106.William  McEwan b. 8/2/1771

 Burntisland bay from the road to Kinghorn

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