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14. HENRY BROWN SCOTT was born 16th May 1874 at Leuchars and was brought up by his grandparents. He was a beaterman at Guardbridge papermill . He married Jeanie Melville at the Temperance Hall Ferryport-on-Craig Fife on 20th July 1906. In 1911 they were staying at Balgay House Leuchars. .When Henry moved to Inverkeithing Papermill  the family lived at  William Street Dunfermline, then 22 Queen Mary Terrace in Inverkeithing . He died at Shaw Street  Dunfermline, the home of daughter,  7. Kathleen, in 1950 of Cardiac Failure. Son in law 6. Hugh registered the death.

15. JEANIE  MELVILLE  was born on 16th March 1879 at Relief Street Dysart.  At the time of her marriage she was staying at Queens Street Ferryport on Tay. She died on 7th January 1946 of gangrene of the left foot. She was a jute weaver before she married. 

Children all born at Leuchars

Henry Herbert Scott 1909  named Heb
Jeanie Constance Scott 1910    named Connie

 7. Catherine Kathleen Scott   b. 29/3/1913  named Kathleen   
Elizabeth  Mc Pherson Scott b. 29/3/1913. named Bessie 

Connie married William Paterson from Hillend a village close to Inverkeithing then moved to Ruislip Manor Middlesex. They had a son, Colin born around 1938 who joined the marines. Connie died in 1966.

Heb married Elizabeth Roberts Clark, a waitress staying at Bothwell Street Dunfermline on 2nd January 1937 at the Hebron Hall Inverkeithing. Bessies husband Robert was the best man. They had 3 children, Eleanor, John and Jean . After a divorce  He married Amelia McDiarmit Hill in 1951.  They stayed in Glebe Street Inverkeithing while Epp moved to Whitburn with Eleanor and John. 

Bessie married Robert McDonald Gilmour at Inverkeithing on 9th June 1937. They spent the first years of married life in Columbo in Ceylon now Sri Lanka. They moved back to Evington and Balantore Scotland when the war started. They  moved  to 84 Blacklaw Road Dunfermline after the war was over.  They had no children but looked after her brother Heb's daughter Jean Scott then  Elizabeth Reynolds when her sister Kathleen died.  Bob died 18th May 1968 of a heart attack in the garden of their house in Blacklaw Road and Bessie died in 1972 of breast cancer at Milesmark Hospital Dunfermline. 

Kathleen Scott

Queen Mary Terrace Inverkeithing hasn't changed

The family with  niece Lizzie McPherson daughter of Bessie Melville

1. Jeanie Melville with the twins at Leuchars

2. The twins taken on the same day out  as the above photograph.

1. Studio photograph of the children

2. The twins Bessie and Kathleen taken sometime in the 1930's

3.Photo of Jeanie Melville taken in the 1920's

Jeanie Melville

This is a compilation of old photos showing Bessie and Bob Gilmour mostly taken in Ceylon now Shri Lanka

jeanie melville.jpg


29. MARY SIMPSON SCOTT was born at Leuchars in 22nd August 1851. She was given her middle name Simpson after her maternal grandmother.  She was a housemaid and unmarried when she had 14. Henry Scott . Her father registered the birth. By 1881 she was employed as an overhauler at Guardbridge Papermill. She married George Gullon, a widowed railway surfaceman at Leuchars on the 25th November 1882. He had two sons by his first marriage to Catherine Kirk, John, born in 1874 and George, born in 1878. George and Mary had a child Elizabeth Jane Gullon, born at Leuchars in 1885. She died aged 4 of chronic gastritis. Mary died of breast cancer at Rhynd Crossing Leuchars on 9th September 1897. 
A quick guide to Papermaking
Papermaking was (and is) a complex process, requiring huge machines to treat the raw material, followed by various finishing processes, depending on the order book. In these mills, the liquid pulp passed through a series of workshops: “potching” [crushing], adding chemicals, beating, drying, calendering etc. Reels of paper were wound on to giant cylinders, and moved to the cutting machines, to be cut into sheets which had to be inspected, counted and packed. There was a very rigid sexual division of labour: the men minded the large machines, beaters, calenders, etc. The women mostly did finishing: receiving cut sheets and especially checking the finished paper for faults – a process known as “overhauling”.



58. ANDREW NICOLL SCOTT was born at Upper Friarton  Forgan, Fife on 5th February 1825 and christened on 15th February 1825. He was given his middle name after his maternal grandmother.  He was a master mason. He married Elizabeth Cunningham on 8th June 1850 at Leuchars. He is recorded in the valuation Rolls of Leuchars as the proprietor of houses and garden valued at £5. 5s. per year. By 1885 he had houses and garden valued at £1. 3s. 10d per year, renting 1 of the properties to Mrs Ann Dandie. He was also renting extra land at Leuchars for 17s.6d a year, probably for keeping an allotment.  Andrew died of paralysis hemiplegia (likely to be after a stroke) on 24th December 1889. Son James, also a stone mason, registered the death. 

59. ELIZABETH  PEARSON CUNNINGHAM was born at Leuchars on 6th September 1827 and baptised on 9th September 1827 by Reverend D Watson. Her middle name was her paternal grandmother's maiden name.  By 1891 she was widowed and living on private means. In the 1901 census she is recorded as making stays (corsets) at home.   She died on 13th May 1904 of apoplexy at her home in Leuchars. Son James registered her death. 

29. Mary Scott b. 1852 - 1897 
John b. 1854 d. 12/5/1861 of Scarlet Fever
James b. 1856
Jean b. 1861
Annie b. 1863
Caroline b. 1865

 Female workers at Guardbridge Paper Mill

 St Athernaise Church on the hill.

Elizabeth Cunningham
Jane Walker


 116. JOHN SCOTT was born on 30th May and Baptised on 11th June 1797 at Finoch hill, Forgan.  He was a stone mason. He married Jane Walker at Leuchars on 29th January 1820.  By 1841 they were staying in the parish of Forgan at the village of East Friarton. He is recorded in the Valuation Rolls for Leuchars as the Proprietor of a house and garden valued at £4. 10s per year. He died at Leuchars on 8th September 1854.

117. JANE WALKER (JEAN)  was  born at Edenbank Leuchars on 23th November 1794 and baptised  on the 30th at Dairsie by the Reverend W. McCulloch. the witnesses were Arthur Ealie and Robert Collier. She died at Leuchars on 29th May 1862 of general decay. A year before her death she was staying with her youngest son, James, a stone mason like his father and brother Andrew. They stayed a few doors from her son Andrew and his family. Son Andrew registered the death.

58. Andrew Scott b. 1826-1889
Robert Scott b. 1827
Agnes Scott b. 1829
George Scott b. 1831
William Scott b. 1833
Kenny Scott b. 1836
James Scott b. 1839

 Ruins of the old Forgan Church

Elspit Jamisone

 Forgan countryside with the fields lined with stone walls. Plenty of work for a family of stonemasons


232. GEORGE SCOTT   born at Hill Side ground,  Forgan on 4th October 1767. He was a stonemason. He married Elspit Jamisone on 30th March 1793 at Forgan . They moved after the children were born to Ferry port on Craig. He was staying at Archar Street where he died on 29th May 1844. 

233. ELSPIT JAMISONE  was born at Flass Coltoun,  Forgan on 5th February 1764 and was burnt to death  at Ferryport on Craig on 1st April 1836 and buried on the 4th.


I have researched her death on a number of occasions, expecting it to be recorded in the local paper or the Dundee Courier but I haven't been able to find anything. Would you like to have a go? 

Children all born at Forgan 
George Scott b. 29/5/1794
 116. John Scott b. 11/6/1797
Thomas Scott b. 31/8/1800
James Scott b. 27/10/1802
Christain Scot b. 21/11/1805

 Forgan countryside Old map 


464. JOHN SCOTT born 8th May 1748 at Newtoun ground, Forgan, a carpenter, married Penelope Philp on 1st January 1767 at Forgan. and had 2 sons, 232. George Scott and John Scott b. 13/5/1770

465. PENELOPE PHILP I can find no record of her birth. The marriage certificate records Penelope’s maiden name as Scot but her death certificate shows her as Penelope Philp, widow of John Scott. She died in the parish of St Andrews and St Leonards on 7th July 1778.

 Forgan countryside


928.ROBERT SCOT born 26th June 1720 at Forgan Fife married Janet Bisset on 5th March 1743 at Markinch and again on the 6th at Cults. When first son Robert was born they were staying at Newtoun Ground Forgan. 

929. JANET BISSET  born at Kennoway on 18th March 1713. On the Cults register of marriage the name is spelled Bizet and on the childrens birth register the name is Buste.

Children all born at Forgan 

464. John Scot b. 1748
James Scot b. 30/12/1750 
Margaret Scot b. 30/12/1750
Jannet Scot b. 16/6/1753
Elspeth Scot b. 15/2/1756
Thomas Scot b. 28/12/1760


Old Leuchars 06_JPG.jpg

 Rural Leuchars

Janet Bisset


1856. WILLIAM SCOT was born around 1700 and married Margaret Marshall  at Leuchars Fife on 30th July 1715. 

Children all born at Leuchars
Jannet b. 24/2/1717

David b. 9/11/1718
 928. Robert Scott b. 27/6/1720

Patrick b. 25/2/1722

Jean b. 16/6/1723

John b. 7/3/1725

Ann b. 29/1/1727

James b. 7/9/1729

Margaret b. 23/1/1732

1856 .  MARGARET MARSHALL was born around 1700


Old but and bens  Leuchars

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