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The name of Scrymgeour is said to have been first conferred upon Alexander Carron , one of the bed chamber men of King Alexander I . more than eight hundred years ago . This worthy is reported to have borne the King’s standard across the Spey, and planted it there i n front of a rebel army , a daring act which so stimulated the King’s host that they followed the royal standard and discomfited the rebel force . For the gallant feat the King constituted Carron a n d his heirs heritable standard-bearers of Scotland , made him a grant of lands , and bestowed on him the name Scrymgeour, which signifies hardy fighter .


61442.  WALTER SCRYMGEOUR was born in 1485 at Dudhope Castle located on the southern face of Dundee Law in Dundee  and he married Katherine Murray  at Angus in 1520. He was the 9th Constable of Dundee. 

Henry Scrymgeour b. 1501 at Glaswell Kincardenshire
Margaret Scrymgeour b. 1507 at Glaswell 

  30721. Isabell Scrymgeour  b. 1525 at Angus
James Scrymgeour b. 1528
Walter Scrymgeour b. 1533 at Dudhope
Janet Scrymgeour b. 1542. 

61443. KATHERINE MURRAY was the daughter of David Murray of Cullow and Glasswell. She died in 1569. 

 The Scrymgeour 
Coat of Arms


122884. JOHN SCRYMGEOUR  was born at Dudhope Castle Dundee in 1458. He was the 8th Constable of Dundee. He married Elizabeth Grey on 14th May 1487. He died on Flodden Field, Northumberland England. on 9th September 1513. 

61442. Walter b. 1485 at Dudhope.
John b.1490 - Glassary
James b. 1505 at Dudhope. 
Margaret b. 1507 - Auchinbreck, Argyll,

122885. LADY ELIZABETH GREY was born at Huntley Aberdeenshire in 1456. She became gg-gd/o to James Ist.  She died at Bute Island in 1529

Elizabeth Grey

 The Scrymgeour clan tartan


245768.  SIR JAMES SCRYMGEOUR was  7th Lord of Dudhope and Constable of Dundee. He  was born at the castle around  1416. He married Margaret Maitland  at Angus in 1431. He died on 31st December 1478 at Dudhope Castle. 

Matilda b. 1433 at Dudhope. 
Mariota b. 1453 at Glassary
 122884. John b. 1458
Elizabeth b. 1464 at Dudhope. James b. 1470 at Dudhope. 

245769.MARGARET MAITLAND was born in 1418  at Thirlestane Castle Lauder in Berwickshire. She died the same day as her husband, possibly of the plague.   

 Thirlestane Castle

Margaret Maitland


491536.   SIR JOHN SCRYMGEOUR OF DUDHOPE was born in 1409 at Dudhope Castle. He was the 6th Lord of Dudhope and Constable of Dundee. He
was a prisoner in England  when his father died in battle, he was released, out of  the Tower of London in April, 1413. He  married 1st
Marion Abernethy and had a daughter Elizabeth born 1435 After Marion's death he married Isabella Oliphant at Angus. They had a son  245768. James.  John died at  Dudhope, Angus in 1465. 

491537. ISABELLA OLIPHANT  was daughter of Sir William Oliphant of Aberdalgie and Marian de Berwick. She died in 1463 at Dudhope Castle.

The research for Marion has been difficult as all references show her date of birth as 1371 and her death 1466.  This would make her pregnant with Elizabeth aged 64. She is the Grandmother of 245769. Margaret Maitland

 Sir John Scrymgeour's Coat of Arms


983072.  JAMES SCRYMGEOUR was born at Dudhope Castle in 1370 He was the 5th Constable of Dundee. In 13 94  on his own resignation, obtained from Robert II. a charter to himself and Egidia his wife of the lands of Hilsfield and others in the barony of Inverkeithing. On the resignation of Sir James, Robert III. gave a charter of part of Craigie, in the barony of Dundee, to St Salvador's Altar in the parish church of Dundee.
He married Egidia Maxwell in 1394 . He was killed at the

battle of Harlaw on 24th July 1411.


David b. 13988 at Dudhope
491536. John b. 1409 at Dudhope
Katherine date unknown

983073. GIDIA MAXWELL OF POLLOCK was born at Pollok Renfrewshire in

1378 the daughter of Sir John Maxwell of Pollok and Elizabeth de Lindsay.

 Battle of Harlaw Monument


1966144. SIR  ALEXANDER SCRYMGEOUR was born in 1330. He was the 4th Constable of Dundee. He had a charter of various lands in the vicinity of Dundee in 1357. Eobert II. granted to Gilbert of Glaister a charter of the lands of Glaister with the castle of the same, also of all his lands in the sheriffdoms of Argyll, Perth, and Forfar, wich Gilbert had resigned into the King's hands, to him and the heirs male of of his body; whom failing, to Alexander Scrymgeour, and Agnes his wife, and the longest liver of them, and the heirs procreated betwixt them, dated 3d May 1374. In 1378 Robert II, granted to Patrick de Inverpeffr a charter of part of the lands of Craigie, the superiority of which Alexander Scrymgeour, ''our cousin," had resigned. He died in loSo, leaving a son 
He was given a charter of lands near Dundee in 1357 also a letter of safe conduct in 1366. A charter of Glastre in County of Argyle in 1374 He died in 1383. 

983072. James b. 1370 at Dudhope
Arabella b. 1371 at Dudhope
Alexander b. 1373 at Dudhope

1966145. AGNES GILBERT was born in 1355 at Glassary Casle Loch Awe. 

 Annabelle married Robert Bruce 3rd Baron of Clackmannan circa 1387, at age 15 in Dundee, Angus, Scotland. Annabelle passed away in 1406, at age 34 in Clackmannon, Scotland

 The ruins of Glassary Castle, now called Fincharn Castle


3932288. SIR JOHN SCRYMGEOUR was born at Dundee in 1305. He  was the 3rd Constable of Dundee and hereditary bannerman to King Robert the Bruce and David ii. He had a  son   19661444. Alexander. He was killed at the Battle of Dupplin Moor Perthshire on 12th August 1338. 

 3932289. WIFE UNKNOWN

 Dupplin Moor


7864576. SIR NICHOLAS SCRYMGEOUR was born at Dudhope in 1282. He was the 2nd Lord of Dudhope and hereditary bannerman to King Robert the Bruce. Robert I. gave a charter of the office of standard- bearer, and with the office, and included in the charter, is the gift of the lands of Hilsfield, South Borland, and JMarisland, with the mills, in the barony of Inverkeithing, forfeited by Koger Moubray. 
He had 3 sons.and died at Dudhope in 1324.

3932288.  John b.  1305
Alexander b. 1309
Nicholas b. 1319. 

 7864577. WIFE UNKNOWN

 King Robert the Bruce


15729152. SIR ALEXANDER SCRYMGEOUR was born at Dudhope in 1254. He was an adherent of Sir William Wallace, and  on 29 March 1298 at Torpichon, the only Charter known to have been granted by Wallace as 'Guardian of the Realm' confirmed him as Royal Banner Bearer, granted him lands in Angus, and made him 'Constable of the Castle of Dundee'. King Robert the Bruce reconfirmed the Charter the following year.
He married around 1281 and had a son 7864576. Nickolas. He was captured by the English in Bruce's defeat at
The Battle of Methven. The battle  was fought in the early morning of 19 June 1306 at Methven. He was held at Berwick and then  taken to  Newcastle-upon-Tyne where he was one of the first soldiers to be hung drawn and quartered for treason   on 4th August 1306.on the orders of  Edward i of England. 


 A Medieval Bannerman

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