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234 . HENRY WALKER was born at Cupar on 20th September 1772. He was a general labourer and ploughman. He married Agnes Carstorphine on 2nd November 1791

235. ANNE CARSTORPHINE was born on 20th November 1776 at Wester Grange in the Parish of St Andrews to Mitchell  Carstorphin and Christian Wilson . She was baptised the following day. She is recorded on her childrens birth certificates as Anne Carstorphin, Agnes Carstrachan and Agnes Carstorfin.

Her parents Mitchell and Christian were married in the parish of St Andrews and St Leonards on the 19th November 1775. The banns were read out 3 times and they gave 20 pense to the poor. 


 Noted on the Ordinance Survey Name Books 1853 Wester Grange is about 1 and 3/4 miles N.W. from Woodend . It is also S.E about 1/2 mile from St Andrews. Its described as 2Some cottage dwellings and farm steading in good repair with about 40 acres of arable land attached: The property of Mr Brown of St Nicholas."

Children all born at Leuchars
Ann Walker b. 15/12/1792

117. Jean Walker b. 30/11/1794
Robert Walker b. 18/9/1796
William Walker b. 6/1/1799
Isabel Walker b. 3/2/1805
George walker b. 8/3/1807
Agnes Walker b. 3/9/1809

 Cupar Fife




468. HENRY WALKER was born 25th October 1738 at Cupar. 

469. MARGARET SMITH born around 1750

Children all born at Cupar
Robert Walker b. 2/6/1771
234. Henry Walker b. 20/9/1772
John Walker b. 5/12/1773

 Cupar Fife


936. JOHN WALKER was born around 1710 and was a shoemaker in Cupar. They had a son 468. Henry Walker.


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