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X5  GRANDPARENTS                                       

438. JAMES WHYTE born on 23rd February 1729 at Scoonie, married Mary Horn on 10th November 1753. They had a daughter

   219. AGNES WHITE. 

439.  MARY (Marie) HORN  was born at Leven on 17/4/1729 to Robert Horn and Marie Naugtan. The birth is registered on the same page as her husband James birth.  Robert and Marie had other children all registered at Scoonie.

Robert Horn b. 14/2/1725

Andrew Horn b. 3/10/1726

439. Marie Horn b.17/4/1729 

Elizabeth Horn 15/ 6/1733

James Horn b. 29/6/1735

On the birth register Marie is recorded as Mary Naughton.  

 There's only a few old cottages left on Scoonie Road




 876.  ANDREW WHITE C1700 married  Elspeth Dewer on 25th June 1725 at Scoonie. They gave 10 shillings to the poor.  They were  residing At Leven in the parish of Scoonie when son james was born.
 877.  ELSPETH DEWER C 1700.


Thomas White b. 27/3/1726

Alexander White b. 26/11/1727

438. James Whyte b. 23/2/1729

Agnes White b. 3/2/1734

Robert White b. 22/8/1736

Margaret White b. 22/10/1738

Girsal White b. 28/12/1740

Elspet White b/ 19/8/1744

 The village and parish of Scoonie are now part of Leven. 

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