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15729230. SIR WILLIAM SINCLAIR of Roslin was born at  Rosslyn Castle, Roslin, Midlothian around 1307. He received from his friend Robert the Bruce the grant of Pentland Moor in free forestry and the office of great master-hunter of Scotland on account of the prowess of his two dogs, ‘Help’ and ‘Hold,’ in capturing a fleet white deer which repeatedly baulked the efforts of Bruce's hounds .
He was one of the knights chosen to accompany Sir James Douglas  to the Holy Land with the heart of Bruce; and, in view of the service which he was expected to render him, received  a pension from Bruce.  He was killed , together with his brother John Sinclair and Sir James Douglas, at the Battle of Teba, on the plains of Andalusia Spain,by the Saracens on 25 Aug. 1330. After the battle the Moors were so impressed by the courage of the Scottish Knights that they allowed the survivors to take their dead - and Bruce's heart - for burial back home.  William's body was apparently buried in an earlier church at Rosslyn, which is now the site of present village graveyard. What is thought to have been his grave marker is preserved in the present Chapel.

15729231. ELISABETH  ISABEL SPERRA was the daughter of Malise, earl of Strathearn,


Sir Henry Sinclair, earl or prince of Orkney 
William Sinclair

   7864665. Margaret  Sinclair   who married first, Thomas, second earl of Angus, and secondly, Sir William Sinclair of Herdmanston.

 Rosslyn Castle 

 Rosslyn Chapel

 The interior of Rosslyn Chapel



31458460. SIR HENRY SINCLAIR was born around 1297 and was the son of William & Matilda. Henry swore fealty with his father to King Edward in 1292, but joined with his father against him and was taken prisoner at Dunbar, and on 16 May 1296 he was removed to St. Briavell's Castle  but on 7 April 1299 he was ordered to be exchanged for William FitzWarren . In September 1305 he was appointed by Edward I sheriff of Lanark . In September 1307 he was ordered to aid against Bruce. Subsequently he became a friend of Bruce.  He was 7th Baron of Rosslyn and Commander of Knights Templar at the Battle of Bannockburn (24th June 1314) where he fought with his two sons John and William. The king, Robert the Bruce, rewarded him for his bravery with the gift of Pentland Moor. He was one of the Scottish nobles who in 1320 signed the Declaration of Arbroath, which proclaimed to the Pope Scottish Independence from England. Henry's brother William was made Bishop of Dunkeld and displayed great valour in 1317 when he repelled an invasion of the English who had landed on the Fife coast while the King was in Ireland. Thereafter the King referred to brother William as the fighting Bishop.  He died 28th January 1336.

31458460. ALICE DE FENTON was born around 1260 at Fenton, East Lothian to John de Fenton, Baron of Fenton. She died between January 9, 1336 and January 8, 1337.

15729230. William Sinclair
John Sinclair
Margaret Sinclair

X21.  GRANDPARENTS    William will also have the number 157729298 as his daughter 788646449. Annabel Sinclair appears in our tree too. 

62916920. WILLIAM SINCLAIR, born around 1234, was the son  of Robert de St. Clair and Eleanor de Dreux Sir William Sinclair.  He was husband of Agnes of Dunbar; Matilda Magnusdatter, of Orkney, daughter of Earl Magnus, and Amicia de Roskelyn, heir of Roslin. He was a great favourite of Alexander III  and he appointed him Guardian to his son between 1279 and 1281 and it was in this duty  he was granted a charter of the territorial Barony of Roslin on 14th  September 1280 on the resignation of Henry de Roskelyn, William's father in law.   He was a member of the Scottish parliament that met to determine who would be successor to King Alexander III. William was also part of the delegation, sent by Alexander III, to France in 1285 to escort the Queen elect, Yolande of Dreux, daughter of Robert, fourth Comte de Dreux, to Scotland. It should be noted that Yolande must therefore have been related to William. Her father, Robert, is, according to what has been stated, the grandnephew to William's mother.

On 12 July 1291 he and William de Boyville are appointed, by Edward I., to take the homage pleas to the new King of Scotland and to Edward I as overlord, of initially the Bishop of Whitherne, and thereafter with the Bishop, those of all Galloway.

In 1292 William and his son Henry swore allegiance to King Edward I of England but he opposed Edward I's invasion of Scotland in 1296-99. William and his son Henry were captured at the Battle of Dunbar in 1296 and  was sent to the Tower of London, where he later died in 1297. He was succeeded by his son Henry. He was Sheriff of Edinburgh in 1266 and 1288-90, Haddington 1264-1290, Linlithgow 1264-1290, Dumfries 1288, and Justiciar of Galwythie 1288-1289.  

Although initially loyal to Edward I, and for which he was provided an annual grant, he sided with Balliol in the Scottish Parliament of 1294 and the Scottish action against Edward I. This "mutiny" led to the invasion of Scotland by Edward I in 1296 and  the subsequent Sack of Berwick and then the Battle of Dundar. all disastrous for Scotland. William was one of those captured at Dunbar Castle and sent to the Tower of London where he died the following year.

MATILDA MAGNUSDATTER, of Orkney, daughter of Earl Magnus,


1 Child by Matilda Magnusdatter,
78864649. Annabel Sinclair 

Children with Amicia de Roskelyn
31458460. SIR HENRY SINCLAIR of Roslin, 7th Lord of Roslin
William Sinclair of Longformacus 

 Sinclair clan shield 

 Sinclair clan crest 



125833840. Robert de St. Clair was born in Saint-Clair, Normandy, France in 1190. He died at 
Rosslyn castle, Midlothian in 1248
"Two important families bearing the name of Sinclair (or St. Clair) co-existed in the 12th century, distinguished as of Rosslyn, in Midlothian, and of Herdmanstoun, in East Lothian. Though no relationship can be traced between them, the earlier bearers of the title of Lord Sinclair belonged to the former, while the later belonged to the last named family." (Burke's Peerage)

125833841. Eleanor de Dreux Aliénor de Dreux, dame de Sorel MP was born in 1188 at Dreux (Eure Et Loire) France. She was daughter of Robert II, count of Dreux and Braine and Yolande de Coucy, Countess of Coucy  who had 12 other children,  Robert III, comte de Dreux; Philippe de Dreux; Philippa de Dreux; Henri de Dreux; Agnès de Dreux and 7 others. She wasfirst  married to Hugues de Châteauneuf de Thimerais, IV and had 2 children,  Marguerite de Châteauneuf de Thimerais; Eléonore de Châteauneuf de Beaussart. She was mother to 62916920 Sir William Sinclair of Roslin, 6th Lord of Rosslyn   She died on March 17th 1242 at Meuse, Argonne, Lorraine, France. 

 sinclair coat of arms

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