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1966162. SIR JOHN WEMYSS was Laird of Kincaldrum and Rires, Progenitor of the Earls of Wemyss. He was born in 1368 at Newton Rires, Wemyss, Fife,  He had lands in Leuchars, Kincaldrum, and Reres, inherited from his grandfather Sir John of Kincaldrum. In 1412-1413, he was among those engaged in negotiations in England for the release of King James I and in 1424 was among the barons who received safe conduct to meet the King upon his return to Scotland. Sir John Wemyss married at least twice and had children. He died in  1429 at Newton Rires, Fife.  Wemyss Castle is located by West Wemyss in Fife and was built in 1421 by Sir John Wemyss. 

 Father of Duncan Wemyss of Reres; David Wemyss of Kincaldrum, of Methil & Wemyss; Elizabeth Wemyss of Reres and John Wemyss

1966163. LADY ISABEL ERSKINE was  the daughter of Sir Alan Erskine and Isabel Inchmartin and was  born in 1372 at  Newton, Midlothian. She died 1427 at Newton Rires, Fife,
Children from  family 1 Unknown first wife. 

1. Duncan Wemyss of Reres,   b. 1374, Weymuss Castle, Fife,    d. 1438, London, (Age 64 years)
  2. Alexander Wemyss,   b. 1375, Scotland    d.  date unknown
  3. Michael Wemyss,   b. 1378, Scotland    d. , date unknown

No children from family 2, Christian Ogilvy, of Auchterhouse,   b. 1414, Auchterhouse, Angus, Scotland    d.  date unknown.

Children from family 3 Lady Isabel Erskine,   
Married 1386 Coaltown of  Wemyss, Fife, Scotland 

1. Alexander Wemyss,   b. 1389, Wemyss, Fife,    d. 1418, Scotland  (Age 29 years)
2. Sir David Wemyss,   b. 1390,   d. 1461  (Age 71 years)
3. Sir David Wemyss,   b. 1390, Weymuss Castle, Fife,  d. Sep 1430, Scotland (Age 40 years)
4. Michael Wemyss, of Pitmiddil,   b. 1390,   d.  date unknown
  983081 Elizabeth Wemyss,   Lady,   b. 1394, Newton Rires, Fife,    d. 15 May 1470, Perth, Perthshire, Age 76 years)
6. Duncan Wemyss,   b. 1394, Wemyss Castle, Wemyss, Fife, d. 2 May 1430, Wemyss Castle, Wemyss, Fife, (Age 36 years)
7. Andrew Wemyss,   b. 1394, Scotland    d date unknown
8. Lady Isabel of Wemyss, of Rires,   b. 1396, Weymuss Castle, Fife,  d. 1451, Lundy Island, Devon, (Age 55 years)
9. Euphemia Wemyss,   b. 1411, Wemyss, Fife, d. 1470, Castle Wemyss, Fifeshire, (Age 59 years)
10. Sir David Wemyss, of Methil,   b. 1430, Scotland,  d., date unknown



3 pictures of Wemyss Castle


3932324. MICHAEL WEMYSS, was born around 1295 at Wemyss in Fife and died in 1342 at Wemyss.         
Immediate Family: 
son of David Wemyss of Wemyss and Annabel Sinclair 
Husband of Margaret Livingstone of Lochore, Heiress of Lochore 
Father of Margaret Wemyss of Wemyss; Sir John Wemyss of Reres, Leuchars and Kincaldrum and Sir David Wemyss of Kincaldrum, Kt.

3932325.  MARGARET LIVINGSTONE of Lochore (Drumry), Heiress of Lochore MP
Gender: Female
Birth: circa 1240 
Lochore Castle, FifeScotland
Death: Wemyss, Fife, Scotland
Immediate Family: 
Daughter of David Lochore, Sir and N.N. 
Wife of Sir Michael Wemyss of Wemyss, Knight
Mother of Margaret Wemyss of Wemyss; Sir John Wemyss of Reres, Leuchars and Kincaldrum and Sir David Wemyss of Kincaldrum, Kt. 

 Wemyss Castle


7864648. DAVID WEMYSS, of Wemyss  He was born  around 1260 to Michael Wemyss. He is mentioned in several charters along with his father. 1319: designated lieutenant of the king in arbitration over the lands of Lochore. 1320: one of the signers of the letter to the Pope asserting the independence of Scotland.

He had lands in Lochore, in Glassmonth near Kinghorn and elsewhere. He was one of two Scottish Ambassadors to Norway. He was appointed to escort princess Margaret, known as the Maid of Norway, from the Orkney Islands to the capital of Scotland, where she was to assume the throne. Although she died before she reached Scotland, the King of Norway acknowledged the preparatory efforts of Sir David Wemyss and the silver basin he gave him is still in the possession of the Wemyss family in Fife. He supported King Robert the Bruce and served as King's Lieutenant. Sir David Wemyss was among the signers of the Declaration of Arbroath, a Scottish independence document sent to the Pope. He married twice, firstly Annabella Sinclair and then  Marjory Ramsay and had at least two sons, Michael and another unknown. He died around 1325. 

 78864649. ANNABEL SINCLAIR, the  Daughter of Sir William Sinclair of Roslin, 6th Lord of Rosslyn and Matilda Magnusdatter, of Orkney, was born in 1269 at Rosslyn Castle, Roslin, Midlothian. She was the half sister of Sir Henry Sinclair of Roslin, 7th Lord of Roslin and William Sinclair of Longformacus.  She was the widow of Sir Robert Bisset, Knight when she married Sir David Wemyss.  She died  before 1304 at Wemyss, Fife, Scotland

Mother of 3932324. Sir Michael Wemyss of Wemyss, Knight 

Annabel Sinclair

 Excerpt from the Declaration of Arbroath


15729296. MICHAEL WEMYSS, of Wemyss the son of Sir John of Wemyss/Methill  was born around 1230.   He took a prominent part in public affairs and witnessed various charters. He was among those involved in decision making regarding selection of an heir to the throne of Scotland. He initially supported John Balliol as King and after King Edward I of England seized Scotland, he was among the Scottish nobles who did homage to him. King Edward I stayed at Wemyss Castle in March 1304.

However, within the two years that followed, it is likely that Sir Michael Wemyss became a strong supporter of Robert Bruce and an Independent Scotland, since Wemyss Castle and all of Sir Michael Wemyss' lands and other property were burned by order of King Edward I. Sir Michael Wemyss, who married a daughter of David Lochloe and had at least one son in 7864648. Sir David Wemyss.

15729297. UNKNOWN WIFE

 Edward 1 of England

The Clan Wemyss 

Clan Wemyss are a lowland Scottish Clan evolved from the MacDuff clan. The MacDuff's are an ancient royal line and in 1160 Duncan MacDuff was made the hereditary Earl of Fife by King David I. He gave lands to his two sons, one being the land at Wemyss.

The Wemyss family are mostly linked to three castles within Scotland. The first is Macduff Castle, then Wemyss Castle which is the principle seat of the Chief of the clan, and the third is Elcho Castle built around 1560.

Macduff Castle is located in Macduff at East Wemyss in Fife and was originally built by the MacDuff Thanes of Fife in 11th century and although it stayed in the same family the family name evolved to Wemyss in the 14th century. Sir Michael Wemyss entertained King Edward 1st of England there in 1304 but later threw his hand in with Robert the Bruce which caused the English King to order the castles destruction in a fit of rage.
When the family moved to Wemyss castle, Macduff castle was taken over by the Livingstones, it changed hands again but was bought back into Wemyss hands in 1637.

 The ruins of the first Wemyss Castle - 
Macduff Castle,

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