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The  Tree


Please use this tree to navigate your way around the tree.

Click on  each family name to be taken  to the appropriate page.

You can use the buttons and links on each page to move around or return to this page if you are lost. . .

Next is the full tree covering 27 generations with every member numbered. Over the coming years I'll continue to research more  female lines looking again at the Marsh family. I have given up on the Smith line with Ada Smith marrying Alfred Smith!

I have drawn up the following trees for a more detailed look. Each member of the family tree is numbered. Males have an even number which is double the previous generation and females have odd numbers which is double the previous generation plus 1. ie. Stephens father is number 2. and his mother is number 3. His mother,'s mother is numbered 7.

Where I have researched the female line you will find a buttons  linking you to their page. 

The 3 forms here  show the full tree  and how the families link down the generations. Please use them to navigate your way through the tree. 

A numbered list of every member in the tree. The first  9 generations

the detailed tree with generation 9 to 17.
the detailed  tree showing generation 17 to 27.

This detailed tree is for information only and not linked to any other page.  

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