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X5. GRANDPARENTS                        

250. THOMAS SMALL was born at St Monance on 6th July 1746 and married Elizabeth Brown at Crail on 18th November 1766. He is recorded as residing in the hamlet of Belliston but  dying in the hamlet of Lingo on 19th March 1812. Both just north of Arncroach. His death was registered  in the parish of  Carnbee.

251. ELIZABETH BROWN was born 25th February 1748 in the parish of Kilrenny. She died on 27th September 1803 at Craighead a small hamlet  in the parish of Carnbee where the death was  registered. 


   125. Ann Small    b. 1775
Elizabeth Small b. 4/10/1767
Robert Small b. 27/11/1768
John Small b. 13/1/1771       They were all born in the parish of Kilrenny

 Kilrenny early 20th Century

Elizabeth Brown
Ann Cairns
old map of Carnbee.PNG

An old map of the Parish of Carnbee showing the small hamlets scattered about including Lingo and Belliston. 


500. JOHN SMALL was born at Kingsbarns parish on 25th July 1719 and Married Ann Cairns on 3rd December 1744 in the parish of St Monance. On 14th November 1784 in the parish of St Monance here's a register of the death of a John Small, described as an old man. 

501. ANN ( ANNAS) CAIRNS was born 12th June 1720 at St Monance. 

250. Thomas Small 6/7/1746

Janet Small b. 9/10/1748

John Small b. 23/2/1752

Jean Small b. 24/3/1754

Gilbert Small b. 25/4/1756
William Small 24/9/1758 

James Small b. 2/11/1760                             


 all children were born at St Monance

 Ariel shot of Kingsbarns today


1000. WILLIAM SMALL born in 1685 was a weaver at Kingsbarns.  He married Anna Hunter at Crail on the 15th February 1704

1001. ANNA HUNTER was born on 20th May 1683 in the hamlet of Gilstoun, parish of Largo.   Her parents were Janet Blake and  John Hunter who  registered the birth. James Blake, Janet's brother  and David Crags were  witnesses. Anna  had a sister Margaret born at Largo on 17th January 1682. Anna's death is registered at Kingsbarns in 18th January 1733. 

Anne Small b. 21/7/1709
Margaret Small b.7/10/1712
William Small b.5/1/1715
500. John Small b.25/7/1719
Alexander Small b.17/9/1721

Christian Small b. 9/8/1724
May Small b.5/3/1727
Isoball Small b.21/9/1729

All children were born at Kingsbarns. 

 Kingsbarns main street

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